Welsh Mountain Zoo

Pitter patter of tiny paws at Welsh Mountain Zoo

Posted: 11th August, 2022

The Welsh Mountain Zoo – National Zoo of Wales, has revealed details of its latest arrival, an adorable margay kitten!

Born to Mum, Sonora and Dad, Maverick, the gender of the kitten is as yet unknown. and The curious youngster has cautiously started to venture out of its nest box and explore its new surroundings.

This is the first kitten to be born to this new pairing of cats, established by the European Captive Breeding Programme at the start of this year, and a cause for celebration amongst the team.

The margay is a fully protected species following a period of hunting and severe exploitation and is classified on the IUCN list the species as ‘near threatened’.

Charlotte Dykes of the Welsh Mountain Zoo commented: “It’s always so wonderful to welcome newborns as a result of our incredibly important breeding programmes, such as this with the margays. It’s vital that we continue our work to help conserve a species that are facing threats in the wild through conservation breeding and education.

“Our little kitten is a pleasure to watch as it is gaining confidence by the day!”

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