Ellie Wiczling

Scottish Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare Fund launched

Posted: 18th August, 2020

BIAZA continues to push the case for Government support for our member zoos and aquariums, as such we are delighted to have helped secure a new fund aimed at Zoo Licence Holders in Scotland.  

The Scottish Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare Fund aims to aid zoo licence holders in financial distress, or where necessary can support the closure process. The fund follows months of meetings between BIAZA and Scottish Government Officials which led to a statement made by the First Minister in June, promising £2.6million to be made available to help our sector.  

The Fund includes:  

  • Support from Scottish Government to eligible establishments for agreed monthly costs associated with the care of animals for a 3 month period. 
  • Financial support to help rehome animals responsibly in the event of downsizing or closure. 
  • A cap of £100k per establishment, through interest-free loans or grants, dependent on the level of hardship. 
  • £1.6m being made available for grants and £1m for loans. 

At this point, however, some details of the scheme remain unclear and BIAZA is concerned that the fund will not be available to all those Scottish members in need of assistance. BIAZA will be pushing for clarity as a matter of priority in our continuing Scottish lobbying activities.  

Nicky Needham, Joint Acting Director at BIAZA said: “The perseverance of our members in Scotland and of the whole BIAZA team has once again paid off. On top of successes in other nations, we are delighted Scottish Government has recognised the importance of a thriving zoo and aquarium sector.” 

“We have not stopped in our efforts to help our members in these difficult times. With your help we can continue to be a strong voice and make plain the urgent need for further support.” 

Information has yet to be made available on the Scottish Government website. Contact  [email protected] or on 0300 244 9999, making it clear that your enquiry is in relation to the Scottish Zoo & Aquarium Animal Welfare Fund to receive your application pack or further information. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact the BIAZA Office Team if you would like to discuss anything in further detail.