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Wildwood Trust unites only Eurasian Elk pair in England

Posted: 14th March, 2023

A pair of Eurasian Elk are united as conservation charity behind bison rewilding project builds on its work to help combat climate change.

The leading British conservation charity behind the globally acclaimed project to introduce bison into the wild have high hopes for a new pair of “ecosystem engineers”.

Wildwood Trust has just united the only pair of Elk in the England. Caramel, who is already a firm favourite at the Kent Wildlife Park, is now sharing an enclosure with new resident bull Elk Jurgeon. 

The move follows the charity’s  groundbreaking work on the Wilder Blean project - a joint venture with Kent Wildlife Trust - to release bison into the wild to boost biodiversity and encourage habitat restoration. 

The charity hopes that the Elk, which are the largest members of the deer family and are currently extinct in the UK, will be able to have a similarly positive impact on shaping the local landscape and influencing the natural regeneration of shrubs and trees. 

Mark Habben is Wildwood’s Director of Zoological Operations:

“This is an incredibly exciting first step and a natural progression from the work we’ve been doing with the bison in Blean Woods to help combat climate change.

“In the same way that the bison are helping to restore ancient woodland, we believe that Elk could have an equally beneficial impact on wetland environments. 

“The calves that this pair will hopefully breed could in turn go on to directly benefit future habitat restoration projects.”

As a result of their introduction, the elk pair are now able to access the top forest paddocks at Wildwood’s Kent park, just outside Canterbury.  Prior to this, they were kept in separate enclosures until keepers at the park were confident that they were ready to be united as keeper, Jon Forde, explains:

“The introduction has gone well, as we hoped it would. Caramel, who’s been with us since 2013, was slightly wary at first but is adjusting well. 

“We were hopeful that the pair would get on as we’d started to notice when we came to see them in the mornings that they’d moved closer to each other overnight and they have a lovely way of chatting. 

“We can’t wait for our visitors and loyal supporters to come and see them together.”

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