Sian Addison

#YourZoosNeedYou !

Posted: 4th June, 2020

#YourZoosNeedYou ! 

Today, 4 June 2020, BIAZA is pleased to announce that we have been able to secure a debate in UK parliament about the crisis facing zoos, aquariums and organisations dedicated to animal welfare. This debate will be held on Thursday 11 June. It is now essential that MPs speak up for zoos and aquariums in this crisis. 

Now #YourZoosNeedYou ! We are asking that you:  

Make sure your representative speaks for you! 

The debate was secured through the efforts of BIAZA’s Public Affairs Working Group (PAWG) and the APPG for zoos and aquariums led by Andrew Rosindell MP. It is now essential that MPs speak up for zoos and aquariums in this crisis and should use the debate on 11th of June to do so. 

We need your support to ensure this debate pushes for the financial support and flexibility to reopen that our zoos desperately need. Write a letter to your local MP asking them to attend the debate and demonstrate the urgent need for Government support.  

Click here to download our template letter for you to personalise and send! 

“It is vital that as many people as possible show their support for zoos at this time of crisis. We know that millions would normally be enjoying a visit to our members, but as the Government has forced our zoos close their incomes have dropped to zero.” Said Dr Cerian Tatchley, Senior Manager at BIAZA.

For months, BIAZA has been working behind closed doors to secure support for zoos and aquariums during lockdown. Collaboration with Defra has led to the establishment of the Zoo Support Fund for small zoos. However, this next stage represents the beginning of a more public facing campaign. 

Submit a question to government – have your say! 

In addition to asking MPs to attend the debate, BIAZA believe it will be useful to ask a question of the Government at one of the televised daily briefings. We are asking as many people as possible to submit a similar question to this:  

When uncontrolled outdoor areas and non-essential retail can open, why won’t the Government allow zoos and safari parks which can offer controlled outdoor experiences the flexibility to open and the financial support they need? 

Petitions – the when and why 

We are aware of many petitions being submitted to this effect. Petitions can be excellent ways of demonstrating public support, but as petitions secure parliamentary debates and we have already achieved this we have decided to focus our lobbying efforts on other actions at this time.