Amazona Zoo

Amazona Zoo Celebrates Birth of Rare Tapir

Posted: 23rd May, 2022

One of Norfolk’s leading family attractions, Amazona Zoo in Cromer is delighted to announce the birth of a rare Brazilian Tapir.

Head Keeper, Imogen White said: “We are so happy. Ennis the mother hasn't had the easiest time trying to be a mum.  She has had three failed pregnancies due to differing factors. With a gestation of 13 months, it is a long time to wait to try again. We are so delighted for Ennis who will be ten years old in August and the father Lutador, who is ten years old.”

Ennis gave birth at 9.30am on Monday 16th May to a healthy boy and this time it has all worked out wonderfully. She had no issues during the birth and the young was feeding within four hours. 

Imogen said: “We had everything prepared for her.  A warm room with lots of extra bedding, separated from Lutador, just to give her the space she needed, and we were also ready to step if needed with assisting to help the young to feed.”

She added: “The keepers and myself have been through the losses that Ennis has suffered over the years and have been heartbroken, so to say that we are over the moon with this successful birth feels like an understatement. We are all so proud of Ennis, we all knew she could be a good mum and she is now getting to prove how excellent she is at the job, so attentive and protective.”

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