Dave Butcher

Conservation funding secured for Scottish Zoos

Posted: 16th February, 2021

BIAZA  is delighted, Scottish Government have announced the launch of a new Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Project Fund.

This the first fund in a BIAZA country with the aim of directly supporting conservation projects in zoos or aquariums. It will offer grants of £400,000 for conservation projects.

The fund is:  

  • to continue with these vital conservation projects
  • to protect Scotland’s at-risk native species 
  • to assist zoos and aquariums that have already receive other forms of government and non-Government support 
  • not primarily aimed at saving businesses 

The eligibility requirements are broad and we hope this will benefit BIAZA members undertaking native species conservation. The deadline for this is March 10. 

This conservation fund reflects the lobbying efforts of BIAZA and its members in Scotland, and we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who continues to support our efforts.  

Today, BIAZA was able to meet and thank the zoos Minister in Scottish Government for his support, as well as pushing for funding beyond the current financial year.

While this is a significant victory for BIAZA, and one we hope will set a precedent in other BIAZA territories, we know that significant issues remain and will continue our lobbying efforts in Scotland and beyond.