Anna Francis, Bristol Zoo Gardens

New and exciting future for Bristol Zoo

Posted: 27th November, 2020

BIAZA has today welcomed an ambitious new plan for Bristol Zoological Society which will see the organisation establish a world leading zoo on the current site of its Wild Place Project.

Click here to read Bristol Zoo’s plans.

Christoph Schwitzer, Chair of BIAZA, said: “This is an exciting moment for all zoos and aquariums.  We have here the opportunity to demonstrate the critical role zoos can play in supporting a sustainable future for biodiversity and also for society.”

“Like many I will be sad to see the current Bristol Zoo site go, having worked there for many happy years, but I am genuinely excited by plans for the new site and cannot wait to see it in action.”

Bristol Zoo’s ambitions are further evidence of zoos’ progressive developments. With plans for a net zero carbon emission site, conservation medicine and conservation education facilities, as well as quality animal habitats the new Bristol Zoo will embody the BIAZA values of constant improvement.

The news is particularly welcome at a time when many zoos, aquariums and safari parks are struggling under the financial burdens of the coronavirus pandemic. It is essential that those sites are supported and BIAZA continues to press Government forcefully on this matter.

BIAZA is committed to supporting Bristol Zoological Society through this period which will see the closure of the Bristol Zoo site and movement of its’ animal collection.