Weronika Urbanska, Living Coasts

Permanent closure during coronavirus

Posted: 15th June, 2020


This is a huge blow to the conservation community and another devastating impact of the coronavirus. BIAZA’s thoughts are with everyone at Living Coasts and the Wild Planet Trust at this challenging time. 

The closure of any BIAZA member is a great loss to the community. Living Coasts provided top care for its animals, a special workplace, a space for active conservation and inspiring education. Like many of our zoos and aquariums it has played a critical role in local conservation programs. 

Despite recent progress, Government must take urgent steps to ensure that we do not suffer further losses.  The financial support currently available from Government is not sufficient to support financial survival. Our zoos and aquariums are in serious need of help.  

We would welcome a meeting with the Minister to discuss what needs to happen over the coming days and the long term support the sector needs. 

This Government has pledged to leave the environment in a better state then when they inherited it. They must take action to protect zoos and aquariums, as conservation powerhouses from closure during this crisis as part of this commitment: 

  • Financial support to prevent further closures of zoos and aquariums.  
  • A clear reopening date proposed for aquariums and other indoor wildlife attractions to support planning and recovery.  

More information about Living Coasts can be found by clicking here

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