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Tadpoles, Turtles and Tigers – Extraordinary winners from Zoo and Aquarium photography competition

Posted: 10th August, 2021

From conservation projects interrupted by coronavirus, to a turtle ultrasound, the story of dedicated conservationists and animal keepers have been told in the extraordinary results of BIAZA’s photo competition, kindly sponsored this year by Fordingbridge

The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) has announced the remarkable winners of their annual photography competition, after a life-changing year for the sector. Please see below for the full gallery of pictures.

The winning shots showcase the range of work carried out by zoos and aquariums, from research to new enclosure designs, after the toughest year in known history for the animal industry, as they fight to recover from the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Winners include beautiful hatchlings of endangered iguanas based at Colchester Zoo and veterinarians undertaking an ultrasound on a rare big-headed turtle at ZSL London Zoo. The pictures also tell the story of conservation in the field. A critically endangered Tristan’s albatross was captured on camera during a conservation project by the RSPB, cut short as a result of the pandemic. 

The competition runs every year, with three of the categories only being open to zoo or aquarium staff and volunteers. For the first time ever, 2021 saw a fourth category open to the general public, with hundreds of entries being submitted.

 BIAZA CEO Dr Jo Judge said: “It’s fantastic to see so many striking and beautiful entries to our competition. Photographs such as these really help demonstrate the range of zoos and aquariums – both in terms of the animals they care for, and the work they do.” 

“Zoos and aquariums have fought hard over the course of the pandemic, not only in continuing to provide incredible care for their animals during a time of national crisis, but in some cases to fight to survive as organisations.” 

“Never have zoos and aquariums had such a vital role to play in trying to save our natural world. Hopefully these beautiful images will remind viewers of our responsibility to look after our wonderful world.”  

Category 1 – Life in a BIAZA collection 

Winner - Gerardo Garcia, Chester Zoo, "Giant Mexican Leaf Frog" 

Runner Up - Cam Whitnall, Paradise Wildlife Park, "A UK First"

Highly Commended - Anna Merrett, Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park, "Tunnel Vision" 

Category 2 - Unseen Efforts

Winner - Daniel Kane, ZSL London Zoo, "Ultrasound"

Runner Up - Laura Moore, RZSS, "First Check"

Highly Commended - Adam Naylor, RZSS, "Say Cheese"

Category 3 - Weird and Wonderful

Winner - Emily Meg Rostron, Colchester Zoo, "Fijian Iguana Hatchlings"

Runner Up - Hannah Gourlay, Banham Zoo, "Mum’s the Bird"

Highly Commended - Charli Ellis, ZSL London Zoo, "Jamaican Boa"

Category 4 - In the Moment

Winner - Linda McPherson, Twycross Zoo, "Lope the Cheeky Gorilla"

Rinner Up - Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park Team, Jimmy's Farm and Wildlife Park, "Beautiful Highland"

Highly Commended - Abigail Green-Morris, Blue Planet Aquarium, "Sticky ball"



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