Wild Zoological Park

Wild Zoological Park joins BIAZA

Posted: 19th March, 2021

BIAZA is pleased to welcome Wild Zoological Park to its membership. Membership is an acknowledgemment of Wild Zoological Park's dedication to conserving the natural world through research and conservation programmes and to educating and inspiring their visitors to do the same. 

We asked Wild Zoological Park to introduce themselves:

Wild Zoological Park is a small zoo in the West Midlands. Known mainly for its free flight bird display featuring over 100 birds from around the world including a flock of 20 macaws, plus a flying team of vultures, storks, pelicans, kites, cranes and many more.

The park is split into geographical regions and emphasis on immersive and authentic area theming to create an educational environment for their guests.

WILD is home to a number of critically endangered species including blue throated macaws, African white backed vultures, lesser yellow crested cockatoos and a number of less seen species such as marabou storks, Palawan binturong and successful breeding of three jaguarundi over the last few years.

The team at WILD are looking forward to getting involved with BIAZA events, conservation projects and getting to know more fellow member institutions!