Animal Welfare Projects
Anna Francis

Animal Welfare

This archive contains just a few of the 700+ projects supported by BIAZA members every year.
Many of these projects are BIAZA annual award winners and commendations.

Robovacc – vaccination in the 21st Century
Robovacc – vaccination in the 21st Century Senior keeper Tony Cholerton from ZSL London Zoo is a man of many talents. Recently he has developed a method to vaccinate the zoo's tigers remotely. A method he is now adapting for use on other species as well. Find out More
Leopard Heights
Leopard Heights Historically leopard sub-species are kept in enclosed mesh roofed exhibits, we aim to build a large, three dimensional, open topped exhibit. Find out More
Rescuing brown bears
Rescuing brown bears In 2014, two European brown bears arrived at Wildwood Trust, Kent. The two bears had travelled overland from Kormissosh, Southern Bulgaria. Rescuing these bears from a canned hunt centre required a lot of planning. Find out More
Amphibians, the rise and demise?
Amphibians, the rise and demise? Amphibians are in trouble, 1/3 of the 7,000 described species are threatened with extinction. Find out More