Chester Zoo

Breeding Fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) for the first time at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo - 6th Jul, 2023

Chester Zoo received a young pair of fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) in 2018. The species, endemic to Madagascar, are listed as Vulnerable, and although they are held in numerous European collections as part of an active EEP, mixing and breeding of fossa can prove difficult. 

The zoo constructed a new habitat for the pair, designed to allow more flexibility during the whole reproductive process. We adopted an evidence based approach to management, with keepers gathering information on their general and reproductive behaviours, alongside detailed behavioural and endocrinology studies, to collectively inform husbandry.

This investment in facilities and resource was rewarded in July 2022 with the birth of fossa triplets, a valuable addition to the international captive breeding programme for this fascinating and threatened carnivore.

This project won Silver in the BIAZA Animal Husbandry, Care & Breeding Awards category in 2023.

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