Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park

‘Shop Ocelot’ was the title of our submission which outlined how we transformed our shop into only selling 100% environmentally friendly items.


Within 3 months we streamlined current stock and replenished with sustainable items to achieve 100%. The consensus of this agreement is that we should be actively promoting a sustainable future for everyone. 


As a Wildlife Park we have the responsibility to promote the conservation of natural resources and protect current and future generations. It has shown that like for like shop bought items can be easily accessed and purchased as a greener option for everyone.


  • Each item in the shop is clearly labelled on how it was sustainably sourced with materials used.
  • On each purchase education team explain where it has come from or its sustainable method
  • We have actively included all demographics suited for the general public including clothing, toys, educational resources, jewellery and house hold items.


This also ties in with Operation Ocelot with the World Land Trust which is detailed in the adopt an animal letter and in booking forms for the school’s workshops to raise awareness to our visitors. 10% of all funds raised go to this project. We managed to raise enough funds to secure an unprotected area of the Atlantic rainforest the same size as Askham Bryan Wildlife Park, which holds some of the wild counterparts of the species you’ll find in the Wildlife Park today.

This project won Bronze in the BIAZA Sustainability Awards category in 2023.

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