Elephant Care & Welfare
Talvinder Chohan

Elephant Care & Welfare

In the UK, concerns regarding the welfare of elephants in zoos fall within the remit of the multi-stakeholder Elephant Welfare Group (EWG) that BIAZA has been tasked by the Government to convene and administer.  This group, under direction from the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Rural Affairs and Biosecurity, works to produce evidence-based guidelines to improve the management and welfare of elephants in the UK. Ultimately this will ensure that decisions made by the UK government on the future of elephants within the UK will be based on evidence not opinion.

In 2016, the EWG produced a Mid-Term Report to review the work carried out since it was established in 2010. This includes the research carried out by the various EWG subgroups and the development of numerous husbandry and welfare tools for keeping staff. It summarises the results of periodic facilities and management audits which have been carried out by BIAZA and it details the aims of the group over the next 5 years, leading up to a final governmental review of elephant keeping in the UK. Click here to read the Executive Summary of the EWG 5 year report.

The EWG lone elephant position statement can be read here.

BIAZA's members can access elephant husbandry resources including the 2019 BIAZA Elephant Management Guidelines here. Non-BIAZA members can also request access to the 2019 BIAZA Elephant Management Guidelines by contacting the BIAZA Office