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BIAZA Photo Competition 2023 - the stand-out comedic photos

Posted: 6th December, 2023

Last week, we announced the winning images of our 2023 photography competition, and with five-hundred glorious entries we didn't want to just stop at just featuring the winners and runners up.

We thought we'd feature those who would take the crown in a comedy category, reminding us that as well as inspiring awe and conservation, zoo/aquarium animals can give us a good chuckle.

Some of the following are Endangered or Critically Endangered due to a multitude of threats. These photographs help paint a picture of a thriving natural world we all should strive towards.

Amy Gatley| Dudley Zoo and Castle | What does the fox say?

The photographer was returning to visit the Arctic fox at Dudley Zoo in summer after seeing him the previous winter, when he was sporting a plush white coat of fur. Arctic foxes look a little less majestic in their grey summer coat, but are just as delightful.

Anna Modlińska| Curraghs Wildlife Park | Shy Kirk's dik-dik

The Kirk’s dik-dik are the most elusive and shy inhabitants of Curraghs Wildlife Park on the Isle of Man, so photographer Anna notes that it’s always a pleasure to meet him, twitching his long nose like so. 

Ben Baker | Chester Zoo | Orangutan Happy Place

This member of the Orangutan group at Chester Zoo created a bed of leaves around themselves, picking through their mid-morning snack seemingly without a care in the world. The leaves from a previous bite are still in their mouth looking like a set of bright green teeth.

Christopher Clarke | Exmoor Zoo | Rare Dinosaur Bird

The photographer ventured down to Exmoor to just get some photos of the Zoo’s new Shoebill. No doubt many zoo nerds mirrored a similarly enthused expression upon meeting this rare bird.

Claire Rigby | Blackpool Zoo | Delighted Ostrich

On a very, very rainy day, photographer Claire managed to catch a photo of Elvis the ostrich with a very cheery-looking expression during a break in the weather.

Kira Butters | Dartmoor Zoo | Praying for Delicious Fish

Asian short clawed otters are full of character, and sometimes rub objects between their hands to play with or wash their food. This one looks a little as if it’s praying.

Leanne Aldred | Wingham Wildlife Park| Green Iguana

The male green iguana at Wingham Wildlife Park takes a cheeky glance back at the camera while relaxing, demonstrating that reptiles can be full of character too.

Miguel Bueno | Dublin Zoo | Nice to meet you

A new red panda female was presented to a resident one and this picture captures the moment in which they met and one of them gently poked the other.

Donovan Lewis | Blue Planet Aquarium | Parallel Perspectives

Dave the sand tiger shark swims over the aquarium tunnel where Ela the human stands in admiration. Is the second shark a reflection, or Ela’s astral-projection? Nobody can know for sure.

Samantha Smith | Blackpool Zoo | Close Up

Keas are Endangered parrots from New Zealand. They’re known for intelligence and curiosity which this one is living up to by thoroughly investigating the camera.

Samantha Smith | Chester Zoo | Keeping an eye on you

Chameleons can rotate their eyes separately to look at two different objects simultaneously, giving them a 360-degree view. There’s a good chance a chameleon will spot you long before you see it. 

Tony Bates | ZSL London Zoo | Dino Bath

Although emus can’t quite express their joy like a person, this one seemed to be totally relishing the cool water of its bath on a hot summer’s day at London Zoo.

Zak Willis | ZSL London Zoo | A Tower of London

Photographer Zak Willis was in the middle of a giraffe experience session at London Zoo when this fella seemingly stuck its tongue out at the visitors. (Fun fact: a group of giraffes is called a tower!)



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