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Posted: 14th August, 2018

West Midland Safari Park is celebrating the arrival of its second ever baby Grévy’s zebra. Born within a month of the first, this new arrival is great news for the Endangered species.

Lauren Goodman, African Ungulates Keeper, said: “We were delighted to discover that we had another addition to the Grévy’s zebra family over the weekend. He joins his half-sister, Grace, on the African Reserve and both are full of energy whilst exploring their new home. First-time mum, Montana, who came from Poland Zoo, had been looking very uncomfortable over the past few days, but she foaled with no problems at all.”

Although the newborn is yet to be named, keepers will be choosing a name beginning with ‘G’, as all babies born at the Park in 2018 will begin with this letter.

Next week, the Park will be raising awareness and funds for this magnificent species. Running from 18-24 August, Grévy’s Zebra Week will be fundraising for Grévy’s Zebra Trust, who work with communities in Kenya and Ethiopia to engage them in wildlife protection. Find out more:

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