Easter egg hunt for shark conservation

Posted: 11th April, 2019

Despite the chilly weather, we had an egg-cellent turn out for the first shark egg case hunt of the year. Taking place at the Spurn Point Nature Reserve, over 60 volunteers turned out to join in the hunt for the elusive mermaids purses, washed ashore amongst the strandline.

24 egg cases of the Lesser-spotted catshark were uncovered. All those found during the event were empty, which means that these have likely hatched a healthy pup, now living somewhere along the Yorkshire coastline. Also discovered during the hunt, was a deceased adult catshark which had been washed ashore. Although a sad find, this offered a unique opportunity for participants to gain a closer look at our native sharks and learn more about the biology of these animals.

The egg cases found have since been submitted to the Shark Trust to be included within their database. This information is crucial for monitoring the populations of egg laying sharks and rays, identifying locations for potential nursery grounds that may require future protection.

Heading to the beach soon? Anyone can contribute to this Citizen Science activity. With a simple stroll on the sand you can actively get involved with shark conservation and help make a difference for the protection of these highly misunderstood creatures.

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