Knowsley's Tigers have Moved

Posted: 18th May, 2018

Knowsley Safari’s Tiger trail opens 25 May 2018! It’s taken over a year of extensive planning and has brought the entire safari together in a huge team effort. But the area is now ready for Knowsley’s two female tigers Bira and Sinda, and soon the public will be invited onto the trail to discover more.

The two Amur tigers previously inhabited an area in the carnivore section on Knowsley’s Safari Drive. Weeks before the opening, the two girls were moved to the foot safari, into their new state of the art enclosure. Here they awoke without issue and began to explore.

Knowsley’s Carnivore Keeper Pete explains the behind the scenes process here.

Moving Bira and Sinda required them to be sedated. This meant Knowsley’s resident vet was there for every step of the move allowing for an opportunity to learn more about the Amur Tiger.

Each tiger’s weight was measured, to provide much more specific dosages of medications in the future. Blood samples were also taken from both tigers, to give an insight into their overall heath and their reproductive status and genetic viability.

The tigers will now settle into their new home, exploring first the indoor enclosure, and then their extensive outdoor area. Visitors will be able to view the brand new area at Knowsley Safari from Friday 25 May 2018.

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