Meet Harry, Heidi and Mila

Posted: 9th October, 2018

Knowsley Safari welcomes a new species onto the safari drive. 3 Yak arrived on safari this summer, one male and two females. The male, Harry, came from Brno, Czech Republic, and the females arrived unnamed from the same herd in Hodenhagn, Germany.

Getting the public involved in this new arrival, a poll was put out on social media to name the two females! This was a great way to introduce this species to people who may not even know what a yak is, never mind know what one looks like! The public cast their votes and our two females were given the names Heidi and Mila!

The three Yak joined the animals in Zone 1 of the safari drive. As the yaks are native to Tibet, this zone was perfect for them, sharing their space with other eastern Asian animals: the, Bactrian Camel, Eastern Kiang and Père David’s Deer.

The three have settled in well on Knowsley’s safari drive, brushing shoulders with the camel with ease and exploring the vast area that is Knowsley Safari’s Zone 1.

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