Recycling just got more colourful

Posted: 3rd September, 2018

New colour-coded bins have gone out around Dudley Zoo to encourage visitors to separate out waste.

The zoo already recycles 86% of their rubbish – even the animal waste is composted down into fertilizer.

So far five recycling stations, each containing a green bin for general waste, a red bin for plastic bottles and a blue bin for cans, have been installed. Colourful signage above the recycling stations, designed by Rachel Lane, include fun messages; the sign on the bins by the Reptile House asks people to ‘make landfill hisss-story’.

Conservation Officer Chris Leeson said: “All our plates and cutlery in the Queen Mary restaurant are made from plant starch, we have paper straws and even the cooking oil is reused to fuel vehicles.

“Our gardening team already recycles what they can from our bins and we send all litter to a waste management company which sorts it. But, by encouraging visitors to separate out the waste, we can hopefully reduce what goes to landfill even further.”

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