Summer of Love for Animals…

Posted: 19th July, 2018

West Midland Safari Park will be spending the summer fundraising for some of the most vulnerable and endangered species on the planet.

This year’s Summer Nights event will focus on a different animal each week, including bumblebees, Sumatran tigers, penguins, Grévy’s zebras and African elephants. As well as being able to see the animals featured, Summer Nights guests can look forward to the Adventure Theme Park being open late, extra animal shows, encounters and a visit to the brand new Ice Age exhibit. Guests can enter competitions, write a message on the Conservation Wish Tree and enjoy animal-related crafts in the Safari Academy. And there will be a chance to win a VIP Experience, a great opportunity to get up close and personal to these fantastic animals and to learn more about their daily routines and personalities.

Katie McDonald, Research and Conservation Officer, said: “We are so pleased to be able to champion five different conservation causes during the summer holidays. Every one of the charities we are working for supports animals to which West Midland Safari Park is particularly committed, either because we have them in our collection, like Grévy’s zebra and Sumatran tigers, or in the case of bumblebees because we want to encourage them onto our site.”

She continued: “All these creatures are struggling in the wild because of human activity making their natural environment less hospitable for them. Our activities during the summer will show that some human actions can help not harm these fantastic animals. Please come and help us support these innovative conservation projects!”

Summer Nights will run from 28 July to 2 September. Further information and tickets are available from the Park’s website

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