Jon Young, Natural Resources Wales

Wildwood releases red squirrels

Posted: 15th November, 2018

Two red squirrels born at Wildwood, have been sent to Clocaenog Forest, Wales, as part of a captive breeding and release project in collaboration with The Red Squirrel Trust Wales, Natural Resources Wales and Bangor University.  

The two young squirrels were health checked at Wildwood before moving to Wales at the end of October. They are currently exploring their forest enclosure in Wales, where they will be fitted with radio collars before being released into their new home in the wild. The radio collars will allow Wildwood to monitor them after their release to ensure they settle in well.

Wildwood has been leading the return of red squirrels back to the UK for many years, with important and successful release programmes across Anglesey and mainland Wales. This success has formed a buffer population of over 400 red squirrels, regaining lost ground. Wildwood have been successfully breeding red squirrels in captivity for over 14 years and send up to 10 juveniles every year for release.

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