Chester Zoo

The World in a Day

Chester Zoo - 18th Jul, 2023


The World in a Day was Chester Zoo's core visitor driving campaign for summer 2023, developed so their visitors could experience an exciting day out, but also feel a sense of connection to the planet (and its wildlife) by learning what Chester Zoo is trying to achieve through global conservation projects. 

From 18 July – 11 September, they invited visitors to travel 24,901 miles in a single day at Chester Zoo. Visitors were immersed in the sights, sounds and even tastes of Madagascar, South East Asia, Latin America, East Africa and India.

Visitors prepared for their global travels with a special Chester Zoo passport they were provided with on their way into the zoo, ready for stamping during their visit to each destination. There were tonnes of fantastic photo opportunities across the zoo, including a showstopper globe at the main entrance and postcard selfie stations for the perfect holiday snaps.

They delivered a range of events and activities that brought visitors closer than ever before to wildlife and their habitats across the globe. The Zoo Rangers hosted incredible events, hands-on activities and even immersive experiences. Visitors had the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of the Zoo's conservation work from the conservationists themselves, discovering more about their projects in Assam (India), Mangabe (Madagascar), the forests of Borneo, and even here in the UK.

They also delivered some incredible digital content to support the campaign. This appeared across several channels, including their website and social platforms. The worked with their conservation project partners across the globe to deliver content to support this campaign, including an “In the Field” series of videos hosted on YouTube, which accumulated over 6.6K views. The website landing page ( received 2,348,732 unique page views during the campaign period. Across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, their summer campaign posts reached 1,850,700 people and had a total of 31,360 engagements.

Their black rhino project in Kenya was one of the videos in the mini-series. In this video, their conservation scholar, Cedric who is working with the Wildlife Research and Training Institute explained the work he is doing in the field: 

Their Assam Haiti elephant-wildlife conflict project in India: and their Terai Tiger project in India: Both created with their partners, Wildlife Trust India. 

They also created a video with their project partners, ICAS covering the giant anteater and giant armadillo projects they support in Latin America:

Their organic activity was also supported heavily by an incredible amount of paid marketing activity. This included TV, radio, cinema, digital display, paid search and social, bus sides, roadsides, and even a huge mural in Manchester city centre! Their total number of impacts across the entirety of their paid media activity was 66,951,227.

Overall, the campaign was a great success. Chester Zoo have seen positive comments from their visitors and welcomed 458,771 people during campaign period.

This project won a Silver BIAZA Award in Marketing, PR, and Digital Events 2023

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