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Generation Wild is our free nature connection project that aims to ensure that schools and families from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are able to connect with nature. The project is offered to schools with a high % of pupils eligible for free school meals (FSM).  The aim of this project is to connect children and families with nature through activities at WWT, school and in the community. 

Generation Wild centres on the story of Ava the osprey.  One day Ava wakes up in a giant nest and discovers she is part girl and part osprey!  The children read about Ava at school and then, on their visit to the wetland centre, stumble across her (in puppet form) asleep in her nest.  They watch a puppet performance and discover that, in order to help Ava complete her mission, they must follow trails around the site and complete nature activities.  Once these are completed, they help Ava to fly away and complete her destiny.

Back at school and home the children are encouraged to log on to our special website where they will find lots more nature connection activities and have a chance to become “Guardians of The Wild”.  They can also follow Ava’s migratory journey and see her fulfil her destiny.

Generation Wild was designed by Stand + Stare in partnership with WWT.  It combines storytelling and technology with nature connection activities to create a unique and magical experience for the children. 

One of our key project aims has been to remove the barriers that children may have to accessing nature.  The project is completely free for eligible schools and this includes transport costs.  We have ensured that none of the activities require specialist equipment and most can be done easily within an urban landscape as well as in more rural locations.  We have worked closely with consultants to ensure that the project is inclusive and is adaptable to different children’s needs and interests.  The activities are varied and are mindful of how different children learn and gain benefits from being in nature.

This project is different from others we have delivered.  We know that in order for children to develop a love for nature, a one off visit isn’t enough.  We wanted to create a project that prompts them to continue connecting with nature once they return to their school and family. 

Almost 30,000 children have taken part in the project over the last two years and over 60,000 nature activities have been completed.

Feedback has been consistently excellent with 100% of teachers and families telling is that they would recommend it to others.  Generation Wild will be starting its 3rd year in Sept 2023.  To find out more, visit

This project won Gold in the BIAZA Education Awards category in 2023.

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