The BIAZA Annual Awards 2022 - The Full List of Winners

Posted: 31st August, 2022

Each year, we recognise the achievements of BIAZA member zoos and aquariums across a wide range of categories in the BIAZA Annual Awards. Having featured each of the following winners on our Facebook and Twitter, compiled here is the complete list of winners.

You can find extra details on many of these accomplishments on our projects page.

Animal Husbandry, Care and Breeding

  • SEA LIFE London Aquarium - The Use of Antibiotics to Treat Bacterial and Protozoal Infections within a Closed System Aquariums - GOLD
  • Dudley Zoo and Castle - Barney’s Story – the hand-rearing tale of a red-necked wallaby - BRONZE
  • ZSL London Zoo - Husbandry advances for tropical vipers - GOLD
  • RZSS Edinburgh Zoo - Training for advance monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus in a Giant Anteater at Edinburgh Zoo - BRONZE
  • ZSL London Zoo - Behaviour Modification of Blue-throated Macaws (Ara glaucogularis) at ZSL London Zoo - SILVER
  • RZSS Highland Wildlife Park - Using the principles of equine ethology and learning theory to improve care of takhi (Equus przewalskii) at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park - BRONZE
  • Chester Zoo - Artificial incubation and controlled parent rearing of the Red-billed Curassow at Chester Zoo - BRONZE
  • Twycross Zoo - Improving health and welfare of Bonobos via influenza vaccinations - BRONZE
  • Marwell Wildlife - Advances in Livefood Management at Marwell Wildlife - GOLD

Behaviour and Welfare

  • Sparsholt College in collaboration with Beale Wildlife Park and Shepreth Wildlife Park - Should we naturalise food presentation styles for zoo-housed parrots? Macaws we should! - GOLD
  • ZSL London Zoo - Using trained behaviour to achieve a conscious blood draw on a Pygmy Hippopotamus (Choeropsis libiensis) - SILVER
  • Dudley Zoo and Castle - Training juvenile Domestic Bactrian camels - BRONZE
  • Chester Zoo - Evaluating exhibit moves across multiple species: A case study for the Islands development at Chester Zoo - GOLD
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust(Jersey Zoo) - Adaptation of captive-born coppery titi monkeys to a free-ranging environment- SILVER
  • Wildwood Trust - Reducing stress for European Bison with the use of hand injection training - SILVER
  • Dartmoor Zoological Society - Target training Zebra for hoof care, injections and experiences - BRONZE
  • West Midland Safari Park - Development and validation of a quantitative behaviour monitoring method for a captive penguin colony - GOLD
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens - Hand-rearing and re-introduction of an infant gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) to his family group using an inexperienced female surrogate - GOLD
  • Marwell Zoo - Safeguarding animal welfare during large scale veterinary procedures through cross team collaboration and planning - SILVER
  • Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park - Application of behavioural observations to evaluate the introduction of singly housed grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus) into a larger group at Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park (AWCP) - BRONZE

Field Conservation

  • Colchester Zoo - Bonding African Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus) on the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve, South Africa - GOLD
  • ZSL London Zoo - Developing viable release strategies for highly threatened turtles seized from the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam - GOLD
  • Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) - The Scottish Beavers Reinforcement Project - GOLD
  • Chester Zoo - The Great Bear Landscape - SILVER
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (Jersey Zoo) - Scaling up small-mammal conservation: setting global priorities for understudied and overlooked species - SILVER


  • National Marine Aquarium - Snorkel Safaris - GOLD
  • Hobbledown Ltd - Imaginarium - BRONZE
  • Knowsley Safari - Wild and Well -GOLD
  • Galway Atlantaquaria - Helping to move the Marine Institute’s Explorers Education Programme delivery and engagement online - SILVER
  • West Midland Safari Park - Safari Academy and Beyond - BRONZE
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Expedition Evenings - SILVER
  • The ARC Centre - The ARC Centre’s Animal Rangers (4 - 18 year olds) - BRONZE
  • BIAZA Collections Ireland - Dublin Zoo, Galway Atlantaquarium, Tayto Park - Virtual National STEM Collaboration Ireland; working creatively to promote BIAZA Conservation Education to Junior Cycle Teachers throughout the pandemic -GOLD
  • Chester Zoo - Careers in Conservation - SILVER
  • Africa Alive - Digital Education: Bada Club - BRONZE
  • Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) - Zoo to You - GOLD
  • Dublin Zoo - Dublin Zoo working in partnership with their sustainability partner, SSE Airtricy, to deliver sustainability education during the covid 19 pandemic - BRONZE


  • Dudley Zoo and Castle - Construction, a cassowary and coronavirus.  A zookeeper’s tale - BRONZE
  • ZSL London Zoo - Giants of the Galapagos - GOLD
  • Tayto Park - Improving the management and welfare of zoo housed eagles. Extending the practice of year-round free lofting to large demonstration birds from the family Accipitridae - SILVER
  • Dartmoor Zoological Society - African Aviary - BRONZE
  • Chester Zoo - Asiatic Lion Habitat - SILVER
  • Marwell Wildlife - A regional biotope exhibit for swift parrot (Lathamus discolor) and long-nosed potoroo (Potorous tridactylus) - BRONZE

PR, Marketing & Digital Events

  • Belfast Zoo - Off-Peak Admission Promotions - SILVER
  • Chester Zoo - Chester Zoo Youth Board- Youth Symposium - GOLD
  • ZSEA: Banham Zoological Gardens & Africa Alive Zoological Reserve - Spirit Animal - SILVER
  • Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) Wild About Survival - GOLD
  • Dublin Zoo - Save Dublin Zoo -GOLD
  • Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park - 'Go Wild With Us’ Bringing together local collections after the pandemic - SILVER
  • The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park - RZSS ‘Your zoo needs you!’ - GOLD


  • Marwell Wildlife - Energy for Life - GOLD
  • Belfast Zoo - Treecycle - BRONZE

Diversity and Inclusion

  • ZSL - ZSL’s Diversity & Inclusion Agenda - SILVER
  • Belfast Zoo - Accessibility Improvement Plan - GOLD
  • Chester Zoo - Chester Zoo: Supporting diversity through inclusive practices - SILVER
  • Jersey Zoo (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust) - Sensory Inclusion and Community Engagement at Jersey Zoo - SILVER
  • ZSL London Zoo - Co-Creating a new Access Video with Young People with Autism - GOLD
  • Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park - Making JFWP a more diverse and inclusive organisation - BRONZE


  • Chester Zoo - Replanting Monsoon Forest - SILVER
  • RZSS Edinburgh Zoo - Sloth and armadillo planting - GOLD
  • Jersey Zoo - Creating a healthy soil microbiome for increased sustainable food production - GOLD


  • ZSL London Zoo - The Effect of Visitors on Zoo Reptile Behaviour during the COVID-19 Pandemic - SILVER
  • ZSL London Zoo - Behavioural research in reptiles and amphibians - BRONZE
  • RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park - Genetic Research to support the Scottish Wildcat       - SILVER
  • Knowsley Safari - Investigating Visitor Activity on a Safari Drive - SILVER
  • Chester Zoo - Avian malaria epidemiology, vector ecology and genetics in UK Zoos - GOLD
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens - Investigation into the use of artificial UV-B on the D3 levels and sleeping behaviour of Aye-ayes (daubentonia madagascariensis) - BRONZE
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust / Jersey Zoo - Nature connectedness in school-aged children - SILVER
  • ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and Bristol Zoological Society - Burrowing in captive juvenile Desertas wolf spiders Hogna ingens - GOLD

Professional Capacity Building

  • RZSS Edinburgh Zoo - Conservation Genetics Capacity Building in Cambodia by the RZSS WildGenes lab - GOLD
  • Chester Zoo - Chester Zoo: Cultivating a wellbeing culture - SILVER
  • Chester Zoo - Scholars and Fellows Programme - GOLD
  • Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park - The Building of Brand Guidelines and Using Them to Create a Better Work Environment - SILVER

Outstanding Achievement

  •  Education Team members in Irish Collections - Fota Wildlife Park, Galway Atlantaquaria, Dublin Zoo & Tayto Park

Rising Star 

  •  Paige Bwye - Senior Mammal Keeper at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Once again, we congratulate the dozens of members, teams, and individuals who go above and beyond to champion conservation, welfare, research, and education. 

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