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The BIAZA Annual Awards 2023 - The Full List of Winners

Posted: 31st August, 2023

Each year, we recognise the achievements of BIAZA member zoos and aquariums across a wide range of categories in the BIAZA Annual Awards. Having featured each of the following winners on our Facebook and Twitter, compiled here is the complete list of winners.

You can find extra details on many of these accomplishments on our projects page.

Animal Husbandry, Care and Breeding

  • Dublin Zoo - Managing Okapi breeding cycles at Dublin Zoo - BRONZE
  • Paradise Wildlife Park - The Breeding of Black Hornbills (Anthracoceros malayanus) at Paradise Wildlife Park - SILVER
  • Chester Zoo - Breeding fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) for the first time at Chester Zoo - SILVER
  • Marwell Wildlife - Using species biology to develop naturalistic feeding strategies for herbivorous reptiles - SILVER
  • Chester Zoo - Future Giants: First UK Zoo breeding of Calumma parsonii, the world’s largest chameleon - SILVER
  • Marwell Wildlife - Advances in wallaby management and wider welfare impacts at Marwell Zoo - SILVER
  • Jersey Zoo - Female Black Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysopygus) hand rearing and successful reintroduction to family group - SILVER
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and University Centre Sparsholt - Who killed the secretary(bird)? A retrospective analysis of secretarybird mortality - SILVER
  • Battersea Park Children’s Zoo - Increasing breeding success in the critically endangered Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi) through new, improved husbandry techniques - GOLD
  • ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - The application of a seasonal feeding strategy for brown bears at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo GOLD

Behaviour and Welfare

  • University Centre Sparsholt - Observer and visitor presence affects the behaviour of dart frogs and mantellas - BRONZE
  • Dublin Zoo - Managing of a visually impaired epileptic tiger - BRONZE
  • RZSS Edinburgh Zoo - Implementation of a fission-fusion management process in Edinburgh Zoo’s chimpanzee troop to improve welfare and integration in the troop BRONZE
  • Dudley Zoo and Castle - Hand injection training for snow leopards - SILVER
  • Dublin Zoo - The use of ZooMonitor® to enhance the welfare of an aging Grant zebra (Equus quagga boehmi) SILVER
  • Marwell Wildlife - The Animal Welfare Assessment Grid: Use in zoos - GOLD
  • ZSL - Developing a “habituation to new enclosures” policy and process - GOLD

Field Conservation

  • Chester Zoo - Redefining a snail’s pace: reintroduction and rapid recovery of two Critically Endangered land snails from Bermuda - GOLD
  • Chester Zoo - Reforesting Borneo: Partnerships and Collaboration - GOLD


  • Banham Zoological Gardens - Zooniversity - BRONZE
  • Dartmoor Zoological Society Wild about Zoos - BRONZE
  • Drusillas Zoo Park - Zookeeper Apprenticeships at Drusillas Park - BRONZE
  • Battersea Park Children’s Zoo - Battersea Park Children’s Zoo Apiary partnership with the London Beekeepers’ Association - BRONZE
  • West Midland Safari Park - The Amateur Zoologist Club - SILVER
  • National Marine Aquarium - Boat Trips with the Ocean Conservation Trust SILVER
  • Wildwood Trust - Wilder Blean Education - SILVER
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Advanced Ranger Academy - SILVER
  • Knowsley Safari - Knowsley Safari Work SkillsSILVER
  • Chester Zoo - Nature Recovery Corridor - SILVER
  • ZSL - Widening Participation at ZSL – The Careers and Youth Programme - SILVER
  • Africa Alive Zoo Investigators Squad (ZIS) - SILVER
  • Jersey Zoo - Future Conservationists programme SILVER
  • RZSS Highland Wildlife Park - RZSS Zoo Studies GOLD
  • ZSL - The Education Access Scheme at London and Whipsnade Zoos - GOLD
  • Galway Atlantaquaria - Marine Meets Medtech, used Formal and Informal Methodologies for Engaging Diverse Audiences GOLD
  • WWT Slimbridge - Generation Wild - GOLD
  • Colchester Zoo - Camera Trap Loan Scheme - GOLD


  • Wingham Wildlife Park - The Bug Garden - BRONZE
  • Beale Park - The Twilight Zone - an immersive experience on a budget - BRONZE
  • Jersey Zoo - Giant Tortoises at Durrell - BRONZE
  • Dudley Zoo and Castle - Realising a vision SILVER
  • Marwell Wildlife - Clouded Leopard Exhibit – a habitat designed to actively encourage natural behaviours - SILVER
  • Chester Zoo - Latin America Wetland Aviary GOLD

PR, Marketing & Digital Events

  • Shepreth Wildlife Park - 10th Anniversary Events & SWCC Hedgehog Hospital Charity Ball BRONZE
  • Belfast Zoo - Kofi’s First Year: Celebrating the birth of a critically endangered Western lowland gorilla at Belfast Zoo - BRONZE
  • Northumberland Zoo - Implementation of a Zoo Visitor App to Enhance Audience Engagement Before, During and After a Visit BRONZE
  • Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park - 'Celebrating 20 years of Jimmy's Farm - BRONZE
  • Chester Zoo - The World in a Day - SILVER
  • The Big Cat Sanctuary -BCS - Social Media Marketing - SILVER
  • Jersey Zoo - Small but Mighty - SILVER
  • Dublin Zoo - The Magic of Life GOLD
  • Paradise Wildlife Park - Positive Conservation Communication in Mainstream Media - GOLD


  • Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation - Shop Ocelot – 100% Environmentally Friendly - BRONZE
  • Twycross Zoo - Plastic waste management in a zoo veterinary setting - BRONZE
  • ZSL - Water efficiency success at ZSL – you can’t manage what you can’t measure - BRONZE
  • Jersey Zoo - Durrell Charity Shop – Reuse, Recycle, Rewild - SILVER
  • Jersey Zoo - Rewild Carbon SILVER
  • Paradise Wildlife Park - The Big Bird Box Build: Sustainably Saving Swifts - SILVER

Diversity and Inclusion

  • National Marine Aquarium - Quiet at the Aquarium - BRONZE
  • Chester Zoo - Working at Chester Zoo with Pride! - SILVER
  • ZSL - Refugia: Co-designing a creative and equitable engagement programme for conservation science with refugee and asylum seekers - SILVER
  • Dudley Zoo - Raising allergy awareness GOLD
  • ZSL - Access for All GOLD
  • Paradise Wildlife Park - Key to Conservation Programme GOLD


  • The Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Conservation Park - Lottie's Coffee Lounge outdoor seating area - SILVER
  • ZSL London Zoo - Giants of the Galapagos Landscaping - GOLD


  • Chester Zoo - Do mating traits evolve ex situ, and should we care? - BRONZE
  • ZSL London Zoo - Insights into the behaviour and welfare of Lake Oku frogs (Xenopus longipes) - BRONZE
  • Jersey Zoo - Battitude: a virtual zoo “bat experience” produces positive change in attitudes to unpopular species - BRONZE
  • Twycross Zoo - The Butterfly Effect - How establishing a formal transect for long-term population monitoring breathed new life into the Twycross Zoo Nature Reserve, Community and Native Species Programme - BRONZE
  • Jersey Zoo - Understanding the taxonomy, behaviour and ecology of an endangered species: long term study of Meller’s duck Anas melleri SILVER
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Zoological Society of London - Understanding the dynamics and determinants of recovery in the mountain chicken frog (Leptodactylus fallax) following its near extinction due to infectious disease - GOLD
  • WWT Slimbridge, WWT London and WWT Arundel - Comparing the wild and the zoo: A multi-zoo, multi-species study of duck time activity patterns GOLD

Professional Capacity Building

  • Chester Zoo - Chester Zoo Leadership Development Programme - BRONZE
  • RZSS - PICA (Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance): a support project for Pallas’s cat conservation through capacity building, research, raising awareness and strategic planning - SILVER
  • Colchester Zoo - Student Keeper Work Experience Programme - SILVER

Rising Star 

  •  Jack Baker - Discovery & Learning RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, Creator of the Pangolin Podcast

Once again, we congratulate the dozens of members, teams, and individuals who go above and beyond to champion conservation, welfare, research, and education. 

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