Animal Trainer Associate

Criteria: Animal Trainer Associate membership of BIAZA is open to individuals who have successfully completed BIAZA’s ABTC accredited Animal Trainer or Animal Trainer Instructor course only. To be registered on the ABTC’s accredited animal trainer lists via BIAZA you must be a BIAZA member, either through working at a BIAZA member organisation, or through becoming an individual member. This membership category provides an opportunity for accredited trainers who do not work at BIAZA members to become individual members. 

N.B. This category is NOT open to:

1. Individuals who offer a paid service to BIAZA members - those individuals should apply to be Corporate Associates 

2. Individuals who keep exotic animals – those individuals should apply to be Accredited Associates.


Apply for Membership


  • Remain eligible to be registered on the ABTC animal trainer lists via BIAZA as long as you continue to meet the other requirements (e.g. CPD, professional conduct) 
  • Shared resources, knowledge and expertise: you will have access to BIAZA’s animal training resources and events. 
  • Status: you will have permission to cite your membership status in publications and online 


£44.00 + VAT