Provisional Membership
Bob Lawrence

Provisional Membership

All applicants accepted for Full Membership will be Provisional Members for one-three years. They are assigned a mentor who supports them to reach the standards required for Full Membership. Mentors will regularly visit the collection and use the BIAZA Mentor Form to report back to BIAZA's Membership & Licensing Committee who will then make a recommendation to Council.

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Provisional Membership rates are the same as Full Membership, they are calculated on a pro rata basis commencing the date membership is ratified using annual visitor numbers.

2023 rate: £18.90 per 1000 visitors and £54.60 per 1000 members.*

*Please note that for the year of joining, the rate for the remainder of the calendar year is charged. Rates for membership are subject to inflation. VAT is added to all rates.

A full list of BIAZA's Provisional Members can be found here: