Full Membership
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Full Membership

If you are a licensed zoological establishment and interested in joining BIAZA you will need to abide by a number of our policies and guidelines. We recommend you read these carefully before continuing with the application process.

Criteria: Full Membership of BIAZA is open to all licensed collections and those located in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man who must undergo an additional inspection. All applicants accepted for Full Membership will be Provisional Members for one-three years and work towards Full Membership with the support of a mentor.

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  • Strength in numbers: Zoos and aquariums can only achieve their maximum effectiveness through cooperation and the Association facilitates the bringing together of the best organisations within Britain and Ireland. 
  • Status: As an Association member you will belong to an organisation whose standards are of high repute.
  • Legislative support: The Association acts as a communication channel between our members and civil servants and politicians responsible for formulating policy and legislation at national and European Community level. BIAZA responds to government consultations on behalf of the membership and ensures the interests of our members are represented.
  • Shared resources, knowledge and expertise: By becoming a member you have the opportunity to participate in all our meetings, conferences and working groups, and can access the technical expertise of other members.
  • International affiliation: BIAZA is an active and influential component of an international network of more than 1,000 zoological establishments. The work and importance of this network is recognised and endorsed by the major conservation bodies, most notably the IUCN.
  • Training: The Association is the lead body of the steering group that oversees the Diploma in the Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals, currently provided by Sparsholt College Hampshire. We also organise additional training courses for members as needs arise.


Membership rates per annum, commencing the date membership is ratified, are calculated using annual visitor numbers.

2023 rate: £18.90 per 1000 visitors and £54.60 per 1000 members.*

*Please note that for the year of joining, the rate for the remainder of the calendar year is charged. Rates for membership are subject to inflation. VAT is added to all rates.


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